About CCS

Covenant Classical School is a unique Christian education serving junior kindergarten through twelfth grade. We are dedicated to inspiring personal excellence and educating students for life. Christian families have intuitively embraced classical and Christian education across the nation. Over 160 member schools of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) are working to give their students an education that rises to meet a higher standard. Academic success has certainly been characteristic of schools using the classical method.

Covenant Classical School students also score well above average in standardized achievement tests. CCS is committed to the premise that students will work harder to meet a higher standard. A structured environment, including uniform dress, contributes to the order and discipline expected in the classroom.

Covenant recognizes the God-given responsibility of parents to educate their children. Covenant considers itself to be an extension of the family in this capacity.

Covenant Classical School strives to offer the best possible instruction: rigorous academics, athletics and fine arts rooted in a Christ-centered worldview using the historically proven classical method of instruction. We seek to provide a loving environment through the grace and power of God so that each student may be fully equipped for his or her life’s calling.

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