School Closure

Inclement Weather
Whenever there is a major concern with weather, either snow or hurricanes CCS will use our AlertNow Phone System. If school will be delayed or closed we will send out a phone message by 6:00am. Also, please set your AM radio dial to 1110(WBTV radio), or turn on your television set channel 3(WBTV) or channel 9(WSOC). In addition, please call the CCS Voicemail at (704) 792-1854 after 6:00 am. The school will always err on the side of safety for your children, rather than take any chances whatsoever. In the event of a mid-day weather problem, you will be notified by the same means indicated above regarding the decisions. But, with the advance warning techniques of the National Weather Service, you will have ample notice to assure the safety and well being of your children.

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