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Covenant Classical School

Covenant Classical School

3200 Patrick Henry Dr.
Concord, NC 28027
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Education is more than training children for a vocational career. Education establishes the lens through which a student sees the world. While other schools trim subjects like history, language, literature, and logic, Covenant Classical School pursues these traditional subjects because they are indispensable in the educational process. Thinking, articulate, and honorable students are the result of a deeper approach to learning.

Successful students have minds that are filled with knowledge, trained to gain understanding from that knowledge, and matured to act wisely. These three cornerstones – knowledge, understanding, and wisdom – are central to Covenant Classical’s teaching method. By focusing on developing the mind, our students will be better prepared for life, including higher education in their chosen career field.

The classical method is unique, but it is no experiment. Over hundreds of years, it has trained men like Archimedes, Dante, Aquinas, Pascal, Calvin, Newton, and Franklin. We believe classical and Christian education will help develop the best thinkers of the next generation. Please join us as we enrich K4-12 education in Concord, North Carolina.

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