Junior Kindergarten (JK)

Junior Kindergarten is for children who are four years old by June 1. The school day begins at 8am and ends at 12 noon. Covenant Classical offers a three-day program (M/W/F) and a five-day program (M-F). 

Junior Kindergarten is the formal beginning of a child’s lifetime of learning at Covenant Classical School. CCS desires to set each child on a course to love God and love learning. The goal is to partner with parents to provide a strong foundation for each child in a loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

The program balances introductory academic skills with play and social training to begin developing positive attitudes about school and learning in every student. Students enjoy Bible stories and other good literature, singing, and center time.  Training in self-discipline and self-control, listening, following instructions, and cooperation are emphasized through individual and group participation, preparing the students for the transition to Kindergarten.

There are four main subject areas of focus in the JK program – Bible, Math, Phonics, and Language. The students begin learning these basics through the use of songs, chants, recitation, and games. Teaching methods involving multiple senses and repetition are characteristic of this stage of the classical model and children love it. JK instruction includes phonics, reading readiness, math, and other language skills such as handwriting, essential for preparing students for the Grammar School.

Curriculum Overview

Phonics and Language: The Good and the Beautiful
Covers visual discrimination, matching, opposites, rhyming, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, proper letter formation for each letter of the alphabet, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, blending of consonants and short vowels, decoding (reading) simple words (Bob, mat, can…), and oral vocabulary development.

Math: Singapore Math
Counting by rote to 100, recognize and name numbers 1-20, patterns, shapes, days of the week and months of the year, identifying ordinal numbers and positions using calendar, basic graph comparison, more and less, before and after numbers, beginning the combinations 1 + 1 = 2 through 9 + 1 = 10.

Bible: Children’s Bible Story Book & Bible Verse Memorization
Children learn the major characters in the Bible and for what they are most remembered and memorize a different Bible verse each week.


  • Music: 2 days per week
  • Art: 2 days per week
  • PE: 3 days per week
  • Library: 1 day per week
  • Weekly Grammar School Chapel

What does the typical JK day look like?

The day begins with center “free play.” Teachers include “free play” in the curriculum because children develop many of their social skills, and even academic skills, through play. Playtime also provides an opportunity for teachers to observe the children’s interactions. By observing each child at play teachers learn which social and academic skills a child already has and which ones need improving. The teacher encourages children to try new activities and to interact positively with other children.

  • Bible: 20 minutes
  • Specials: 30 minutes
  • Circle Time: 10 minutes
  • Reading/Phonics: 30 minutes
  • Snack: 20 minutes
  • Language Arts: 20 minutes
  • Recess/PE: 30 minutes
  • Math: 30 minutes
  • Story Time: 10 minutes

JK takes the following field trips:
Patterson Farm, Children’s Theater of Charlotte, and Lazy 5 Ranch

What opportunities are available for parent involvement?
PTO Room Parent, Field Trip Coordinator, Hosting Class Parties, and Mystery Reader (weekly story reading to class)

Wondering if Covenant Classical School is right for your child?