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JK-12 Classical Christian Education


Why Classical Education


Covenant Classical School integrates subjects like Bible, literature, history, language, art, math, and science. Students read the great works of Western literature and philosophy. Classical languages (Latin) help students understand and think with greater depth about the world around them.


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About Covenant Classical School


Founded in 1996, Covenant Classical School met the desire of many parents to offer their children a style of education proven successful for centuries, and previously unavailable in the region. Simply stated, the means of grammar—to read well, the means of logic—to think well, and the means of rhetoric—to speak or write well, are the goals for our children as they mature developmentally and cognitively in Christ.


Why We Love Covenant Classical School

“We have three sons that all attended Covenant Classical School. We have truly had the amazing opportunity to witness Christian academic education embrace the beauty of classical teachings to develop the student not only academically but spiritually, emotionally and intellectually in a rare and magnificent manner.”

Rose Family

“CCS provided a Christ-centered lens to view the world and an excellent education to engage culture and pursue my vocation.  I am beyond grateful my children are receiving this foundational training. Moreover, they will benefit for years to come being apart of the Covenant community as I still do!”

Youngblood Family

"We started with our daughter at Covenant and now have three of our school age children thriving in classrooms where they are challenged to achieve the highest standard in academics as well as in character. We adore their teachers and are so grateful for their patience, diligence and perseverance."

Ryan Family

"We love CCS for more reasons than we can describe in few sentences. Having our four children experience the three stages of the Classical Trivium Curriculum, we are seeing its fruits of the education in their character, thought, and speech. From day one, the teachers truly care about not in only our children’s education, but their spiritual life. We believe CCS’s mission statement to provide excellent and Biblically-based education is accurate. Their moral, spiritual, and values resonate with ours which is imperative as a basis in our ever-changing world today."

Way Family

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  • Ryan
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Passionate Faculty


Our classrooms are filled with teachers that are gifted academically with years of teaching experience. The nurturing of their students’ character and soul is what sets them apart. Their involvement in all areas of a student’s life create a lifetime love of learning with a strong foundation of Biblical wisdom.



Equipping Hearts & Minds


A Covenant student enjoys a rich academic, spiritual, and social life filled with a host of academic, extra-curricular, and social activities including athletics, fine arts, drama, music, community service, prayer, travel, and more.


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