The Mission of Covenant Classical School

Founded in 1996 in Concord, North Carolina, Covenant Classical School met the desire of many parents to offer their children a style of education proven successful for centuries, and previously unavailable in the region.

colonial classSimply stated, the means of grammar—to read well, the means of logic—to think well, and the means of rhetoric—to speak or write well, are the goals for our children as they mature developmentally and cognitively in Christ.

The mission of Covenant Classical School is to provide an education of excellence, biblically based and classically taught, that will lead students to know and love God, develop strong minds and character, and arise as leaders and agents of cultural change.

Covenant Classical School is an independent, co-educational day school dedicated to providing a Christian and classical liberal arts education to boys and girls in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Wondering if Covenant Classical School is right for your child?