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The Real Value of Athletics in Schools

We live in an era of sensational headlines bombarding us and our children every day – mostly bad, rarely good – and many are connected to sports and athletes. Just in the last week, I read the following headlines: “Player arrested on DWI and reckless driving charges,” “Coach placed on administrative leave in wake of domestic violence,” “Player calls NCAA corrupt in wake ofscandals,” and “Player tests positive for banned substance.”
I once had a boss who said unabashedly that “sports were the fall of the Roman Empire.” While I don’t agree with his view of history, there is plenty wrong with sports and athletes in our culture today. But, as a Christian, I already know we live in a fallen world, so this should not be shocking. But, what is frequently surprising is the missed opportunity that parents have to use athletics as a tool to educate our children.

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Coaching From the Sidelines: A Pro-active Stance for Parenting

It’s down to the two minutes.  The score is tied, 1:1.  The team captain glances to the sidelines to get instructions.  Suddenly, the coach races onto the field, pushes the captain out of the way, and takes control of the soccer ball.  The coach does some fancy footwork to breeze past the opponent’s defense, and not surprisingly, he scores. The fans hardly jump for joy; in fact, they look with disdain on the coach’s impulsive actions.

This kind of behavior is obviously wrong on the soccer field.  Everyone knows the coach and the team work best when the coach stays in his rightful place: off the field.  The same thing can be said in a family.  Parents are, in essence, coaches whose goal is to have their children learn how to make mature decisions in life and to recover gracefully when they don’t.  That being said, parents who step in too quickly to fix things for their child hinder the child’s progress toward maturity.  In other words, parents can actually prohibit development if they are too swift to help solve the child’s problems.  Does this seem like a paradox?  It is! 

Parents can actually prohibit development if they are too swift to help solve the child’s problems.

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9 Reasons to Visit Your Child’s Classroom

Does your child struggle to understand his homework assignment? Is she using new vocabulary words? Does he come home with funny stories about the other students? Whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school, a peek inside the classroom can provide valuable insights for a parent.visiting your childs classroom.jpgHere are 9 reasons to visit the classroom.


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5 Steps to Reboot Your New year's Resolutions

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I achieved my New Year’s Resolution!”?  Unlikely.  

It seems most of us lose our drive after the first couple of weeks. As parents we are exhausted by the end of the day - trying to prepare dinner, returning phone calls, answering questions from our kids about homework, etc. 

So how does a hard working parent keep on track with the resolutions they have set just 4 weeks prior?  

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Welcome to the new Covenant Classical School blog! 

This blog is full of information on education, parenting, and faith, written for the Covenant Classical School community and the Concord community as well.

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