Seventh Grade - Eighth Grade

In the Logic School, students take the mastered information from the Grammar Stage and bring it into ordered relationships. Students begin to apply logic, assessing the validity of arguments and learning to view information critically with more discerning minds. Through classical methods, the students are encouraged and trained to form solid supports for arguments and to identify and refute weak or false claims.Grade 7 2022

This is the stage in which the melding and blending of classical methods with a Biblical worldview are crucial. In the quest for answers to questions, many of them quite difficult ones, teachers assure students of the authoritative and timeless truths of God’s word.

Some methods used to obtain these goals include Socratic seminars, recitations, mock trials, debates, and analysis of primary source documents.


"Covenant Classical provides a sweet and intimate Christian community for its students. The teachers care deeply about each child and they have high academic standards."
˜ Ann Campanella, CCS Parent


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