College and Career Guidance


Welcome to the College and Career Accountability Corner at CCS! At CCS our staff is eager to help our students and their families begin the search for colleges and universities that are a good fit for them based on their interests, abilities, and future goals. Our desire and intent is to be on hand to help students and their parents with the college application process.

At CCS, the College and Career Accountability Program begins in 9th grade where students and their parents meet with Bethany Haycox, Director of College and Career Planning, to embark on an exploration of their academic and vocational interests. Through one-on-one sessions, students begin to define and articulate their interests, investigate different career paths, cast a vision, and set goals for the years ahead.  Each year of high school the students and parents meet with Mrs. Haycox to regroup and re-evaluate where they are in the process of campus research and visits, SAT/ACT test prep, scholarship options, summer opportunities, resume and essay writing, interview readiness, financial aid resources, and recommendation letters from faculty, advisors, and mentors in their community. 

The College and Career Accountability program also provides resources for parents and students through college visits to the CCS campus, special scholarship presentations, and group tours to nearby colleges and universities.  Our families will be equipped and well prepared for the college application journey in the junior and senior years of high school enabling them to discern God's direction and plan for the student's next step in His story for their lives. 

Covenant Classical School students have been accepted to a wide variety of public and private colleges and universities. A list of current college acceptances can be found here.

Feel free to email us at or stop by our office to ask questions. 

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