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“Cabin Fever is Better than Corona Fever”  or “The Right Perspective”

Posted by Lisa Whitesides on Apr 14, 2020 7:00:00 AM

In all seriousness, after multiple weeks home together in a new, limited routine, it’s perfectly normal for family members to feel frustrated with each other. There are so many changes at this time of quarantine which are stressful for both parents and students alike. Parents are either working from home, trying to adjust to juggling both career and family, or many have been laid off for now, so they have the added stress of uncertainty looming in the back of their minds. Students have been missing their friends, school, and extracurricular activities. BUT many positive things will result from the Corona Virus Quarantine, mark my word. The media only portrays the negative effects, but I wanted to remind you that it’s all a matter of perspective.

1.You’re not stuck at home...’re safe at home. We’ve all seen the reasons why staying at home is the best for everyone out there. Not only are you protecting yourself from contracting the virus, but you are also protecting all the older, high-risk people who may have a harder time with it, if they were to catch it from you–as a carrier. I read a meme the other day that said if things were reversed and younger people were the ones at risk, then our parents and grandparents would be doing everything in their power to protect us.

2. Your house may seem cluttered and loud with children and family home all the time...

...but actually, your home is full of people who love each other. There are some people out there who are completely alone during these hard times. There are some that are depressed and lonely who would give anything to have a spouse and children to fill the house with fun and games throughout the day, enjoying life.full home family love

3.Your sink may have more dishes than before...

...but you’re having more family meals together than you have in a long time. You may be cooking and cleaning the kitchen multiple times a day, but you are feeding people who love you. Not only that, but you are able to afford meals to cook for your family, and you know they are taken care of.


4. You’re not able to see friends face to face...

...but we live in an amazing time. We all try to limit screen time, but I think going through this has made us realize how much we truly appreciate technology today. If this had happened to our grandparents when they were young, there would be letters and maybe a phone call. Now it’s just a click away, and you can zoom right into a class meeting, seeing all your friends’ faces. You can get news, weather, and alerts live as they happen. There are so many ways to stay connected.

face to face friend time5. We may not be able to attend a traditional church service...

...but we are the church. Many churches are having online services and activities, which are very helpful in keeping your normal Sunday routine with the family. Also, I have seen people still attend “drive-in” services. With everything currently happening, I hope we can all remember that while fellowship and the church are very important, what matters most is our personal relationship with the Lord. A church is the building, but we can worship and stay close to God no matter where we are. We should take this time to remember to pray often with our children and grow closer to God.hope and pray


I believe we have all been shaken up and forced to slow down in life for the time being. I think God is reminding people who is still in control of everything. We have been forced out of our comfort zone. We have been made to get back to basics, be with family, and depend on prayer and hope to make it through this. I believe when this storm is over, we will appreciate time with friends and family more. We will be thankful for our jobs and the ability to get out and see the world with people we love. The media may scare you, but look at what is happening right in front of you. It’s all a matter of perspective.


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