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Three Ways We Can Teach Kindness This Holiday Season

Nobody wants their kid to be the mean kid, right?!  I mean, let’s be honest, friends. How do we avoid our kid being the “mean kid” in class and on the playground? Well, kindness is both caught and taught. The season of thankfulness and kindness...

What I Really Want For Christmas

You can tell a lot about a child by their Christmas wish list. I remember one year, our eldest, an adventurer, wanted mystery books; our #2 daughter, the girly-girl, wanted a tea set and a parasol; our son, guy that he is, wanted a slingshot,...

Five books to Prepare Your Heart for Advent

Advent is my favorite season. 

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

3 Steps for Quiet This Christmas

Shhh...can you hear that? It’s the sound of quiet. Mentally put yourself on your couch in the dark with a cup of some hot beverage and the only lights that are on are those on your sparkling, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. You stare in...

Three Ways to Connect With Your Kids

As Christians we hear and see this word connection used in a variety of ways. With God, our spouses, children, school, church, community, but how does this play out in our relationships?

Connection  is protecting the people and things that we...

Waiting on the Lord in Patient Trust

I’m convinced the Lord gave me the privilege of being a parent so that I could observe ridiculous, immature behavior and then have to admit that I might as well be looking in a mirror. Take, for instance, dinner time.

That Tricky Thing Called Friendship

     Once upon a time, there was little girl with the most sensitive little spirit. She wanted desperately to have friends, to join in the conversations of the other fifth grade girls, to feel included. As she listened to the girls talk about...

Worldview 101: Essential Family Discussions

Picture if you will a middle school humanities classroom abounding with tireless energy, specialized humor, and, of course, ubiquitous questioning. When I began teaching the concept of worldviews, I soon realized that my students were just not...

Starting the Year With a Prayer Walk


Like the days of Nehemiah, we must rebuild the walls of schools. Every year we end school a bit broken down: kids stream out and leave piles of broken pencils, notebooks, and binders; textbooks are worn out; carpets are dirty; teachers are,...

The Lasting Impact of Encouraging Words

Often the simple things can have the biggest impact on our kids, especially timely words of encouragement.