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Distance Learning Tips from the CCS Library

Posted by Tiffany Murph on Mar 31, 2020 7:00:00 AM

As more information is released from our government and health care professionals, the reality of being at home altogether for an extended period of time can be daunting. While we are so incredibly grateful for technological services that allow school to continue, there is still a lot of daylight left to fill! What do you do when you've been outside for hours, but it's not quite dinnertime yet? What if it's raining? Our CCS librarian has put together some helpful resources for parents and students during this unprecedented time in our nation. 

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Distance Learning Library Resources

  1. CCS Library: The online library catalog can be accessed from the CCS Library webpage.  Feel free to search the catalog for book titles.
  2. Cabarrus County Public Library: Online resources are available 24/7 with a library card.  A link is provided on the CCS Library webpage.   
  3. NC Live provides access to 100+ databases with the “Homework Help” section specifically designed for K-12 students. 
  4. NC Live provides access to practice tests for PSAT, SAT, and ACT.
  5. Audiobooks, E-books, and Videos are also available for free.
  6. The CCS Summer Reading List can be downloaded from the school’s website for an early start on summer reading!
  7. An excellent resource for classical titles can be accessed at

Online Reading Resources 

Here are some more resources that are highly effective and recommended!

  1. Novel Effect
  2. VOOKS
  3. Epic!
  4. Brain POP
  5. Biblionasium
  6. Reading IQ
  7. Authors Everywhere! You Tube Channel
  8. PBS Reading Games
  9. ReadWorks
  10. Storyline Onlinefamily reading distance learning COVID

Mrs. Murph’s Five Book Challenge

(K4, K5, 1st Grade)—Read 5 picture books.

  1. Write a list with title of books and author.
  2. Draw and color a picture/scene from one of the books.

(2nd-6th Grade)—Read 5 chapter books.

  1. Write a list with title of books and author.
  2. Create an alternate ending to one book (one paragraph).
  3. Choose a favorite character (different book than #2) and write a paragraph describing the character.  

Students who choose to complete Mrs. Murph’s Five Book Challenge can turn it in when on-campus school resumes for a prize and extra checkout privileges!  Please feel free to contact her with any questions at

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