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Five Important Questions to Consider When Choosing a Kindergarten

Posted by Lori Gasparrini on Mar 3, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Choosing a great Kindergarten program for your child is daunting but not impossible! Parents want a safe and loving environment for their child where values that have been taught at home are reinforced. Parents also want their child to be academically challenged and prepared for the future. What five important questions should you consider when choosing a Kindergarten program?

1. Will my child be known and loved, and what qualities should I look for in a teacher?

Your child will potentially be in a Kindergarten program for seven to eight hours a day. Look for schools that give you the opportunity to meet the teachers. It should be clear that the teacher has a genuine love for children and knowledge for their development. Take advantage of Open House events. Observe, be proactive, and ask questions. Is the classroom organized? Is it bright and inviting? Teachers of young children must appreciate the nature of a young child. Do you observe joy and excitement in both the teacher and the students?

caring teacher kindergarten2. What does academic success look like, and what curriculum is used?

Kindergarten today is very different than it was 20 years ago. A crucial factor for academic success is developmental readiness. Kindergarten is now more academic skill based, and some children simply need more time to develop certain skills. Recognize the development of the child and look for a school that assesses children for Kindergarten readiness.varied kindergarten curriculumA Kindergarten should use a quality curriculum with proven success where biblical truths are woven into every subject. A Kindergarten program should be engaging and involve multisensory and hands-on teaching. In addition, Kindergarten should balance play with learning. Classical curricula use fun songs, chants, and stories to help children learn.

3. How will the school environment help my child to develop socially?

Children learn to share, take turns, and work through conflicts. They learn to raise their hands. They learn to walk in a straight line. They learn good sportsmanship. At Covenant Classical School, Kindergarten students participate in other classes such as art, music, library, and PE, where students naturally grow socially as they work with their peers.

peer development4. What security and safety procedures does the school offer?

Schools today need to be proactive regarding security and safety. Look for a school that utilizes fire, tornado, and lock-down drills. Exterior doors should be locked during the day. Visitors must have name tags. There should be cameras in all common areas as well as outside of the school building. Young children should always be accompanied by a teacher or aide when leaving the classroom. Does the school have an emergency alert system? Covenant Classical School utilizes a system that automatically notifies both internal and external responders in the event of an emergency. School staff at Covenant are also CPR/AED trained and participate in ongoing training with law enforcement to learn the latest protocols for safety, including being social media savvy and aware of the latest trends.

safety procedures5. Will my child have fun? Is there playtime? Will my child get to be creative?

Many Kindergarten classes help facilitate creativity by having “centers” in the classroom. Building centers, home centers, dress-up centers, art centers, and reading centers all help engage a child in fun and imaginative play. Children should also have outdoor free time / recess to help break up the day.creative play kindergartenCovenant Classical School in Concord, NC invites parents to attend one of our Open House events or to schedule a personal tour at a time convenient for them. Come check out our Kindergarten classes, meet our teachers, and see our different options for both half day and full day Kindergarten students. Click for more information.

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