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Lori Benham

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Schedules, Systems, and Rhythms

Why does it feel like some people are more productive in a day? Why don’t we have enough time to get it all done? We have the same 24 hours in a day, so that must mean we can organize our days wiser, right? Now that our kids are getting back into...

How To Help Your Child Resolve Conflict

Part of living in an imperfect world means there are problems that arise on a daily basis. Unkind words, misunderstandings, gossip, bragging, bullying and internal struggles are all legit problems our children face within their families and...

Cultivating Thankfulness in All Seasons

Thankfulness. Seems like a pretty easy attribute to attain, right? When it’s a beautiful sunset, a great accomplishment, or simply my youngest remembering  to brush his teeth without asking...hallelujah! I can hear the chorus. But if we are...