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Men’s Health: Following the Example of Jesus, Part 2

Posted by Dr. Jack Faircloth, M.D. on Jan 14, 2020 7:00:00 AM

My first focus was fellowship. My next most important place to focus for health is food. If you think modern food in America isn’t corrupt then take a look at our health. The most common reason for liver transplantation in 2020 is predicted to be cirrhosis that resulted from fatty liver.
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Don't Forget the Liver

Fatty liver is just fat deposition in the liver from consuming too many of the wrong calories. Over consumption of food has replaced alcohol and viruses as the number one enemy of our liver. We wake up and eat and keep eating until we go to bed in the western world. This undisciplined habit is now under fire thanks to books like The Longevity Diet. Skip reading it and spend your time on intermittent fasting. This habit limits food intake which encourages fat burning, DNA repair, and increases energy.  

Portion Distortion

Along with limiting access we have to limit portions as well when we do eat. Portion Distortion, as it’s called, is mindless and is difficult for all of us to correct totally. Start with easy habits in the portion area. Use your palm (singular not plural) for high-calorie healthy snacks like tree nuts, for example. Drinking well-made coffee in the morning or naturally flavored hot teas after your first serving at meals helps curb hunger. When all else fails, leave the kitchen, take a walk, or go do something with your hands. These are tricks to stop that head hunger that is mindless habit. portion distortion

The "What" Matters

The types of foods matter along with the amount of food. A plant based diet with healthy fats and healthy proteins are the best food types to base your diet on. I don’t think one “diet” works for all people. Use the principles of a variety of vegetables, low carbs, healthy raised meats, and limiting processed things like grains. eat the right type of food

All in Moderation

The last part of our Food is the unhealthy fun things we eat or drink. Moderation for most of these is fine. There are some foods and drinks that you and I are powerless over and avoiding these is the only answer. Sorry, but I was told I was writing to men, so get over it. Due to intermittent fasting, I save breakfast for weekends when I can enjoy it with others. Saturday mornings are when I get together with my band of brothers, and boy do I look forward to those breakfast carbs. I learned to "save sweets for my sweetheart” as a way to limit but not avoid office sweets. That means I don’t stay at work too long in part because I have to have dinner earlier so I can get to those sweets! This is challenging for those that travel but we can all make some version of these habits work for us. 

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*Next week’s blogpost will be on fitness.

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