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Dr. Jack Faircloth, M.D.

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Men's Health: Following the Example of Jesus, Part 3

For the past two weeks, I have focused on fellowship and food. The last pivotal focus area is our fitness. Wow, has this been overdone! Media and other distorted influence makes us believe working out is the most important thing. It is vital to...

Men’s Health: Following the Example of Jesus, Part 2

My first focus was fellowship. My next most important place to focus for health is food. If you think modern food in America isn’t corrupt then take a look at our health. The most common reason for liver transplantation in 2020 is predicted to be...

Men's Health - Following the Example of Jesus, Part 1

In 20 years of being a Family Physician, I’ve recognized some key impacts on the health for modern men. Fellowship, food, and fitness are three pivotal places to focus in order to be healthier. Jesus was a great example of all of these if you...