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S.T.E.M.: A Science Teacher's Perspective Part 2

Posted by Angela Quillen on Jul 24, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Rather than focusing on one academic area of interest, a classically educated student is educated as a whole. They are taught to respect and nurture their physical and spiritual bodies, to explore and understand the wonder of the natural world God created for them, to seek justice and truth in all ways at all times, to learn from the past in order to make tomorrow better, to love and care for all people, and, most importantly, to never take their eye off the reward promised to them from God.

world creator wonder

Biblically Rooted Scientists

I don't believe the United States will be facing a shortage of scientists and engineers anytime soon; however, I do believe we are currently facing a shortage of scientists rooted in a Biblical, Christian worldview.

Reading current headlines is a sobering and somewhat troubling activity. We have harnessed the power of nuclear energy, created weapons of mass destruction, driven an immeasurable number of plant and animal species to extinction, cloned animals and are on the cusps of allowing parents to "gene shop" for their offspring.

What we need now more than at any time prior in history, is for Christian scientists to use their discernment and knowledge to lead society in the ways it should go.

Laying A Firm Foundation

Classical Christian schools lay this foundation in the beginning years, and continue to build and edify the Christian student, challenging her to wrestle with ideas and possibilities, and teaching her to communicate clearly and distinctly. She is tasked with applying her skills of discernment throughout her educational career and is strengthened greatly with each exercise. It took years to carefully lay the firm foundation, one that could support an entirety of life. What a shame it would be to walk away before the builder could finish the architectural masterpiece.

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Building a Well- Equipped Student

Classical Christian educators are not scrambling to join the bandwagon of the latest education reform movement. We know that education isn't the race, but rather it is life that is the race, and it is going to take all disciplines to build the student who will be successful and the most well-equipped to continue their journey into and throughout adulthood.

Classical educators help develop critical thinkers capable of logically approaching problems/situations after looking at the past, actively living and being involved in the present and looking forward to their hope in the future. This takes intentional planning and a healthy understanding of the purpose of education.

This is why I am honored to be part of such a wonderful classical Christian school. As a member of the faculty, I understand how what I bring to the students through their experience in science is just one part of many that culminate in the best opportunity for all students, no matter where their interests may be. This is why I encourage all parents to allow their students to remain at Covenant Classical School throughout their upper school years. 

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