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Angela Quillen

Angela Quillen
Angela Quillen was born and raised in Kentucky. After receiving her degree in chemistry from Morehead State University, she returned to the high school she had attended as a student and began teaching chemistry, introduction to chemistry and physics and environmental science. Science has always been a huge part of her life; she actually met her husband in a chemistry lab while in college. After teaching 10 years, Angela was blessed with a child and became a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher, and part-time college instructor. During this time, she also operated an environmental testing company, testing air quality throughout Kentucky and southern Ohio, as well as wetland delineation. Her husband took a job in North Carolina, so the Quillen family moved south. God delivered many blessings and opportunities, including a job for Angela at Covenant Classical School, where she now teaches physical science, biology, chemistry, physics and geometry.

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