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Tina Sneed

Tina Sneed
Tina Sneed is a teacher & Dean of Rhetoric School at Covenant. She is a proud alumna of Clemson University, married to Chip, and a mother of three. She is on a quest to find good food, travel to new places, read good books, and translate Latin.

Recent Posts

A Perfect Trifecta:Teaching the Trivium

trĭvĭum , i, n. 

Literal definition: a place where three roads meet, a fork in the roads, cross-road

Idiomatic definition: a public square, the public street, highway.

Those steeped in the jargon of classical education can poll-parrot Dorothy...

The Reading Life of an Accidental English Teacher  {and embedded book titles to add to your reading list!}

“I've come to realize that however blue my circumstances, if after finishing a chapter of a Dickens novel I feel a miss-my-stop-on-the-train sort of compulsion to read on, then everything is probably going to be just fine.”  {Towles, Rules of...

Latin: Waking the Dead

“He studied Latin like the violin Because he liked it.”

Why study Latin? As a Latin teacher, I’m asked this question on a regular basis. And, yes, like Harold in Robert Frost’s “The Death of Hired Man,” I study Latin because I like it! But I...